Poker Superstars 1

This is an interactive online game for all those people who are more than passionate of poker. Poker Superstars 1 is the first online game that can offer to the players’ lots of amazing features. Once you will play it you will understand.

About Poker Superstars 1 the game

Well, this is the first game of this kind that relies on artificial intelligence. More exactly, Poker Superstars 1 before being released was tested by playing into millions of poker tournaments. These tournaments were simulated, yet this artificial intelligence was able to win against all of them. In this game you will have part of lots of superstars that will put your intelligence, luck and strategy skills at test. You can enjoy this game anytime you want.

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The main developer of this game is Alex- soft alongside with 5 others. The game can be downloaded on your computer, and for it to run smoothly you will need a Windows 7 operating system, and no more than 6 MB free space on your PC. Also, Poker Superstars 1 it is available in English language, so no matter from what country you are you can play it easily without issues.

Also, you don’t have to worry that you can download once with the game some viruses, because you will not. The game is virus- free. Actually, it was analyzed using 30 different antivirus engines, and guess what? It was found that it is virus- free. So, you can download it without worries.

How to play Poker Superstars 1

The game is quite simple so anyone can enjoy it. You must import a picture of yours into the game. This will allow you to become a superstar in the game. After that you will have to play against 15 other Superstars that are using interactive pictures. The rules are like in other poker game.

If you want to play a round of Poker Superstars 1 you will have to click on the Round button. If you want to start playing you will have to make a click on the Deal button. This will introduce you to the game.

Now, fold, call, raise, check or go all in can be done in each round. All you have to do is to click on the respective buttons. Fold and call buttons have the purpose of match a bet, while raise and check are for betting nothing. Also, raise button must be clicked on when you want to submit the minimum raise. Thus, if you want to increase your wager you can click on your chips.



The final thing that you must do in this game is to build the finest hand ever. This thing can be easily done by making use of the two cards you are dealt with the five community cards.

If you have troubles in loading the game or in any other field you can make some research on the internet. There are many information that can help you get pass over all these issues, so you can totally enjoy this spectacular online game.

Poker Superstars 1 is one of the finest and most interactive online games. There are millions of players in the entire world that are enjoying this game. Perhaps their purpose is to train for real poker tournaments, but many of them are playing it just for fun. Actually, the game is quite entertaining so if you decide to play it you will not have anything to lose.

Now, give the best out of you, use luck, strategies or anything else you want and win all the rounds while playing Poker Superstars 1.



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